Manage Efficiently

Beltstripe exists to enable Academy owners to manage their businesses with ease. From student enrolment & attendance tracking to payment collection & email communication to members, Beltstripe provides solutions to make every Academy owner's concern non-existent.

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Simple Communication

Communicate directly with your academy members via email, SMS and direct push notifications for all announcements. Use Beltstripe's clever segmentation tool to contact members in a specific grade or who attended a particular class.


Track the attendance of members across a period to see how well they are performing. Beltstripe's front-desk registry solution is available for members to mark their attendance at your academy in seconds


Create monthly, or one-time membership plans that members of your academy can subscribe to gain access to training time at your academy


Reward your members for excellent service and performance by assigning them to a new Belt rank and stripe. Set clear goals for members to aim for as motivation with digitally verified certificates that members can share with the world


Easy direct debit setup that helps with payment collection from your member. Our Stripe integration allows you to have complete visibility of your academy's finances and get payouts nearly instantaneously. All payment receipts and automatic reminders are auto-generated on your behalf.

Focus on what matters

From the moment a member walks into your academy to the time they step off the mats, Beltstripe provides a digital archive for Academies, students and Instructors alike so your entire journey can be accessed.